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I just wanted to thank you for all your help that you gave me on our sessions this year.  I have found how to listen to my inner voice and stop the other (bad) voice in my head.   I'm enjoying my life much more now!   I'm still working on my inner peace and also studying a lot of literature about it.  In September I started  my new Higher Diploma course in the University of Galway NUIG, and I'm really enjoying it.   Thank you very much again, you were an incredible help in my life!   Maria.

I suffer with COPD, anxiety and PTSD.I was at a very low period in my life after Xmas and was feeling depressed. 

I had seen the transformation EFT had on a friend so I asked Michell Hughes to take me on as a patient.   

I found learning to use EFT  was really simple and effective, instant results for 5 mins effort in the morning. It's an invaluable tool, when I get overwhelmed by my health problems. It has practically  eliminated by PTSD, and my anxiety has reduced by 80%. 

The sessions were easy as I was reluctant to re-enter counselling.

I actually looked forward to them as each session I got rid of more of my problems. I started to think and approach life in a positive way.    

I couldn't believe how quick and effective EFT was. I had 8 sessions in all, some on Skype and face to face.   

I've had a lot of counselling over the past 20 years and I wish I'd know about EFT, it would have saved me a lot of time and money.   

I can't recommend Michell Hughes and her ability to use EFT enough. She has 

helped me regain my confidence and I now lead a happier joyful life in spite of my health problems.   

Geraldine Crimmins

All went well for me at Chemo on Tuesday.  I was the most relaxed I'd ever been.    Many thanks for your help  -   M

Thanks for yesterday's session.  Therapists are interesting cases.   'Trauma pain' can be felt so deeply that physical pain can be a way out or a distraction. Thankfully with your gentle nature and great skills, you are a gift to the world so Thank You again. I feel very much at peace today. I even started knitting again.  -  Helen

I just want to let you know Michelle how I was after our session of Havening last week. Well just to say it works!!  I have to say I am not the same since the session. I am definitely more focussed and also making steady progress, so thank you so much for that.  -   Les

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