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Michelle became involved in the world of energy medicine after the birth of her second child.   The experience so profound , it changed the course of her life.   

BC.   Before Children,   Michelle worked in the Outdoor Adventure and Education world.  Teaching / assessing navigation in the mountains, leading tours with National Geopraphic in Ireland or pilgrimage/sacred site  tours and more kept her busy.

However  after discovering  Energy Medicine she trained in different therapies and energy modalities. 

Her favourite  therapies  are those that empower her clients and allows them to contine working on themselves.  Therefore she trained in   Havening, EFT and Eden Energy Medicine, all simple yet profound techniques that Michelle incoporates into her practices and her clients take home too.  


   Having worked in both worlds Michelle is now combining them together.  Taking on a Masters in Outdoor Education, Sustainability and Wellbeing   Michelle continues to evolve and develope.

The Modalities Michelle works with are

Progressive EFT ,   Havening,  Eden Energy Medicine, 

Classical and International Reflexology, Reiki and more.

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